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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 2, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EST

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understand. the thing is, to your point, i just don't know when the politicians will say that it is my bad. >> we are a forgiving country. neil: you will get a great deal of support. that is not to make a fool out of you. but i see that it is very interesting. >> it is going back to money and politics. there are special interest groups and.
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>> i am very honest. but i cannot vote in america yet. >> i will make sure that you don't. [laughter] >> i'm kiddi. >> the final line, we are not making a lot of progress. >> we are not. the day of reckoning will come. maybe it is the 2014 midterm elections were the president and he can stall and delay in the american people will be hurt again. >> these guys work for us. we hired them. neil: we work for the people and we have to be accountable as well. alking over each other] [talking over each other] >> meanwhile,member a time whend not have cell phones. so it should be easy.
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but i guess not. goodnight. lou: good evening, everybody. president obama will sign a directive that will execute the long dreaded but arrived sequester. president obama in the democratic party engaging in misrepresentation about the spending cuts for weeks. the obama administration has carried out a campaign of fear and blame it couldn't possibly be matched by the consequences of $44 billion in cuts to what is a $3.8 billion budget. all of that is now at an end and it appears so are the days of republican confusion and how to deal with president obama and his politics of fear and urgent demands. the days of obama drama appear to be at an end. how speaker john boehner and
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mitch mcconnell seem to have finally figured out things. the republican leaders unveiled a new perspective on how to deal with a divided capital and are now insisting that those emergency negotiations with the president on crucial issues and public policy choices we longer be negotiated in private meetings between the president and the republican leaders. instead, they are restoring regular order in the house and senate. senator mitch mcconnell releasing the following statement ter this mornings fruitless meeting with the president at the white house. he said we will have opportunity to ensure that funding is at the level that we promised while working on solutions for making spending reductions more intelligent than the across-the-board cuts of the president. but i want to make clear that any solutions will be done through the regular ord with input from both sides of the
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aisle in public debate. how speaker john boehner's office confirms that the house will only look to resolve the sequester issue through regular order as well. speaker john boehner saying that revenue is off the table and shortly after he exited the white house. >> let's make it clear that the president got his tax hikes on january 1. this discussion about revenue is over, in my view. the house is going to move towards a resolution next week. lou: the president said only three days ago that he would resist temptation and not play the political blame game. today, he fell vict to that temptation and he could not resist blaming republicans for the sequester that was originated in the white house. a fact confirmed by his press secretary a few weeks ago. >> let's be clear that none of this is necessary.
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it is happening because a choice that republicans have made. they have allowed these cuts to happen because they refused to budge on closing a single wasteful loophole to help with this. lou: president obama was not amused when he was challenged by the white house press corps when he blamed republicans again for the sequester. obama shot back with this response >> you bear any responsibility? >> give me an example of what i might do. lou: president obama vanished the press conference by backtracking with the scare tactics that he and his administration employed over recent weeks, trying to force republicans to accede to his demands, and he offered a blunt assessment of the policy that his administration created.
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>> just to make a final point about the sequester, we will get through this. this is not going to be an apocalypse and some people have said. it is just dumb. lou: well, dumb or not, and not is not the case, the sequester cuts will soon be in effect and he may not be pleased to know that the budget battles on capitol hill are just beginning. the president and the house and senate now turning attention to the continuing resolution that is necessary to fund the government for the remainder of the year. the way that they craft that resolution could wh away the effectiveness and render all of the obama administration scare tactics and rhetoric of fear is utterly meaningless. we move on now to the effort to avoid a government shutdown. correspondent karl cameron has the report.
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>> after the across-the-board cuts began, fights will ensue. it will allow cuts to be targeted more effectively. >> we already have an agreement on how to fund the pentagon and other military base agencies. he gives us the flexibility to put these cuts into place in a better way. to go after waste and fraud and abuse and go after high-priority spending. reporter: there is plenty of time for congress to talk about this. >> programs where you have changed money from one account to another. you cannot do that under this type of thing that we are talking about. >> some flexibility to rearrange funding programs. training and maintenance and so
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forth. reporter: remember that date for the federal for lysistrata? by midnight the next day, congress must pass a $900 billion spending bill to fund government operations were a government shutdown takes place with worse consequences than the $850 billion aggressor. it has been scheduled this way since january. lawmakers knew that they could use the bill funding government operations to adjust where the cuts get made. if it doesn't get fixed, republicans now say that there is only one place to look. >> of the president chooses not to use that and goes after high-profile spending cuts, and that is a choice that what he will have made for political reasons four the president, for the fourth year in a row has not produced a budget proposal on time. it is not expected before the end of march. the next three months will see little change to what both sides call ad hoc budgeting crisis.
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march 26, furloughs began, then the shutdown of the government wins. then by mid-may, the soaring national debt will be nearing the statutory limit requiring congress to lower the debt ceiling. lou: karl cameron, thank you so much. chief political correspondent. the president's efforts to problem things, mr. obama changing his tune and comments made earlier this week in newport news, virginia. >> i'm not interested in playing a blame game. at this point, all i'm interested in is solving problems. lou: been today, blaming republicans for sequester. joining us now on whether this drama is over, congressman greg
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walden, it is great to have eulogized. >> you with us. >> it is good to be with you. lou: leadership. mitch mcconnl, speaker boehner, they seem to have figured it out. i see them standing up and talking about regular orders. that is a command us moment. >> it is very important. however we got into this mess, we must find a way to solve it. the best way is to follow regular order. which means letting the american people know what we are voting on and unlike when the democrats were in charge. >> how about a buget? >> the law says the president was supposed to submit his budget are very poor. it is now almost march 4 and we have never seen it yet. the house has each year passed a budget. we just had paul ryan they are and the budget he will submit
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this time will balance in 10 years. we are going to get this right. we are going to offer the american people a plan to get the federal government in order by making smart choices and changers that will grow the economy and get on a better path. lou: does this complement the other leaders on capitol hill? what took so long? >> is a tough and challenging place. we made mistakes along the way. the important thing is that we figured out how to get this right. we have also tried to change the rules in the house to make it a more open process. john boehner led that effort. to make sure that people could deal with it. lou: does this mean regular order will be applied to all major issues before the house of representatives? >> i certainly hope so. lou: whether it is illegal immigration, the bget, whatever it may be.
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>> i am a big believer in open government. as the chairman of the subcommittee, i'm a big believer in the process because i think we all improved by the input that we get from the public and witnesses and by having the debate among ourselves to achieve a better piece of legislation. i'm a big believer in the process and i hope we use that going forward. lou: one of the things that irritates me in washington dc is one i heard the president talk about how he is going to educate the american people. i applaud congressmen and senators and those who listen to the american people. your rules invite public opinion about the issues most important to their constituents, the ameran people. i would love to compliment you and leaders for that. i don't think we can put enough emphasis on how important that is tonight. i would like to turn to this continuing resolution.
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where are we headed, are we going to see more? we know that we will see more drama. will will we see it as an effective strategy? >> i would hope the never ending campaign would come to a conclusion now. i think he overplayed his hand and what was the comment today about a jedi mind? >> star trek, star wars,. >> even darth vader wouldn't inflict that upon the american people. come on. there is so much waste and abuse. going forward, we will come in with a continuing resolution, which means funding the government for the rest of this fiscal year. so we are going to accept these cuts because we need to make these cuts. and hopefully we will get some flexibility to the military to be able to make smarter decisions that they are now able to make going forward. but at this reduced spending level. nobody wants a shutdown. we don't want to be threatened by the president.
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on the sequester, the house not once but twice voted to cut the same amount of spending in a commonsense way. not once, not twice,. >> congressman cummings great to have you with us and we appreciate it so much. we wish you the best. lou: we will have much more coming up next and the unjust finger-pointing originating with the white house, all of that and a great deal more. stay with us. >> the u.s. postal service, billions of dollars in the red, and now the postmaster general has to worry about the sequester. we will talk about it coming up next. and the president said he is not a dictator. we will put it up for a vote. and we will talk to mike huckabee about leadership in washington.
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lou: the president asking the white house press corps if they have any suggestions on how to work with house republicans. governor mike huckabee will join us in just moments. he will help us assess the leadership that is inspiring america at this moment in our history. we also like to bring you up-to-date on the latest from wall street. americans suffering the biggest decline in 20 years in personal income. our savings rate dropping back to levels that haven't been seen since late 2007. the american consumer is back, and on wall street, so our stocks. the dow jones up 35 points today, the s&p up 3.5.
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3.7 billion shares traded on the big board. the markets posting slight gains, the dow jones leading indexes higher. and not that greenlight capital forcing apple to share its cash stockpile. and the award slashed by 40%. apple shares down 2.5%. bond market yields moving lower. ten year notes closing the week at 1.86%. as for commodities, falling to $1571.90 per ounce, a closing low for this year. oil dropping $1.37 on the day, as well. after the market close, the state department released a report reviewing the environmental impact of the keystone xl pipeline. saying that it sees no reason
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the pipeline can be approved. what took so long? and president obama blaming a cooperative republicans for at the sequester and he had this to say when he was asked why congressional leaders could not be forced until they reached a deal. >> i'm not a dictator. i'm the president. ultimately if mitch mcconnell or john boehner say that we need to go catch a plane, i can't help secret service blocked the doorway. >> joining me now is mike huckabee. i have to ask you, governor, do you recall a president having to make it clear that he wasn't a dictator? >> no, but there hasn't been a president that acted like one, having to remind us that he really wasn't a dictator. i'm not trying to be harsh here. this is a president that had time for a golf game with tiger woods, time to travel with air force one at the cost of
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$200,000 per hour and campaign and blame republicans. he has not sat down with them daily after day. if you want to accomplish something in the legislative environment, it is about building relationships. it is painful, time-consuming and there's nothing pleasant about it. but it is the absolute necessity, one that builds relationships and you can't build relationships when you are poking people in the eye everyday. lou: you recall no drama obama. everything from that point seems to have been manufactured drama, urgency. emergency demands by this president. it's the way he does business. finally, the republicans today made it clear that they were not going to put up with anymore of it. >> we are within the theater district blocked here in new york city. there are more theatrics going on every day the white house
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than all of the stages and all of the theaters in new york city and broadway. i've never seen anything like it. this is one in which things have gone too far. he has lost credibility with people because he has made it as if the sun won't shine, peanut butter and jelly won't taste good together anymore, and people are saying that we a second, i lost money due to the tax hike. he can't get rid of 2%, he has problems. >> that was a 30% tax hike on every working american. >> just. >> you forgoto take note of that and credit for that. what is your sense here that this president -- is he learning anything? is this the man that we are going to be blessed with in terms of his personality and temperament and way of doing business? is he smart enough to learn, or would not be counterproductive to what he really wants to achieve this president.
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>> he is very well educated. in terms of iq, i'm not going to question it. if we define smart as being to understand the landscape, play the game to win and to make the other side believe that they had won, he is not smart at all. comparing him to bill clinton, he made mistakes, but he never made the same mistake twice. barack obama not only makes a mistake, but he makes them worse. he never ever have said that i think that was my thought, perhaps i should try something else. bill clinton was an effective president because he knew how to govern. this president is not. >> governor, gray tabby with us. be sure to watch his show on the
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fox news channel. up next, sequestration and what it means to the post office. on the edge of banoffice. on the edge of bankruptcy. and doctor robbie ludwig and jeffrey gardiner join us to analyze the president and some of his individuals in the cabinet. scare tactics, writer ex, and fear.
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lou: the next guest says the postal service must generate $20 billion in revenue generations. the first step was cutting $2 billion per year by reducing mail delivery. joining us now is the man who is going to get all of that done.
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patrick donahoe, sir, it's great to have you ith us. lou: sequestration. will it have effect on you? i would think maybe you could use a few more. >> fortunately that is one thing we don't have to worry about. but you're right, we have enough others. lou: let's talk about every american who is connected to this. the problems that he faced and are trying to resolve, they are immense and profound. let's just take a look, taking a look at $16 billion. the bulk of the losses due to future retiree health benefits. we have a 2006 law that forces you to pay 5.5 billion into the future retiree benefits.
4:29 am
this is a tough situation. the first question is will he be able to make it here, and will the postal service survive? >> yes, we have a plan. it is rather complex for things that we have to do, but everything is doable. we can get back on firm financial footing and be in good shape for it is short-term and long-term. doable with revenue the major issue, as you pointed out, it is health care. especially to create this and we missed the last two, that is part of the shortfall. lou: when you say you defaulted the money was backed up by the treasury? >> we cannot write the check so the of postal service
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since 2006, we had the five point* $5 billion payment. we were in good shape for a chilly but with the verge of recession and paying bills online we have lost 27 percent of mail volume 2008 through today that is a big hit. is a us nine we have to read golf that the postal service service is simply too expensive to sustain. because times have changed. mail. >> this is what we know from a revenue perspective. the last 34 years after the last drop has leveled off
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$65 billion. we are a big organization as part of $880 billion industry, it is gigantic we have seen a stabilization. three areas we do have good revenue, a package business, advertising mail is growing again competing with the internet and first class is called commercial with the bills come is good but we have a substantial loss with those who starred in the box that chaes the volume. lou: look at the competion will look at the five point* $5 billion to pay on retiree benefits, right and you're
4:32 am
not even coming close to me your competition what they pay for employee benefits, a health care or retirement. how can you possibly continue on this path in much of the taxpayer support that extraordinary and competitive spurted? >> first of all. lou: runs through it. >> health care taking over our own health care we have 1 million people on the planned to move away from the government that will help with 7 billion. shrinking the networks is another four or five billion-plus labor costs we could squeeze out. have a play and to get them back on good friday and
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shall footing we do need some legislative help the summit can do one around. lou: postmaster general thank you for being with us nobody knows the challenge you face it is tough. will you close those post office deliveries on saturday? >> yes. we have made changes packages on saturday mail monday through friday and the post office will be open. it is a win-win. lou: vice president biden feels the impact of sequester. he takes a attract home to wilmington delaware instead of returning on air force 2. says which is a big game for taxpayers each half-hour trip on air force 2 costa thousand dollars and $142
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for round-trip business class ticket and buy kincaid and reacquaint himself with the station named aftehim. $10,000 trip takes a half-hour and on amtrak one hour 10 minutes. it makes some sense. and also the vice not going over so well with a virginia man. from field and stream magazine reporter said'' mcafee want to give someone away from your house fire the shotgun through the door a 22 year-old virginia beach did that when he sought to armed masked men leading into the bedroom window. they got away charged with reckless handling of a firearm and the homeowner fired through the door in did not hit another thing.
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bided better come up with a different approach. can the republicans deal with obamacare? no more obamacare. is that the answer? al qaeda borrowing from that held -- obamacare and payne playbook for homegrown terrorists
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find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at lou: this is one of the truly fun things about my job to put some distance as our doctors psychoanalyze the president to assess what is happening in the nation's
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capital with the deep psychology. we will take a look with our psychotherapist and psychologist. start with this statement from the president as he announces to the american people i am not a dictator. >> i am not a dictator. i am the president. alternately of mitch mcconnell or john pater's say i have to catch a plane i cannot have secret service blocked the door way. lou: help us out. >> nobody expects obamacare to be a dictator. we don't want to a dictator but we want a leader. there is a frustration night, really? the republicans and democrats couldn't come to
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some type of understanding? everybody puts their heels of the ground not to make a decision. lou: john baker said -- did not say he was a dictator also why would a president find that it necessary? >> what a difference one year makes. this is the same president who didn't have the gumption to sees life by the throat what is that we think? [laughter] now we have the popular vote --'' that he is feeling the power and now he can be a bully that is what people criticize him for to not be assertive enough to. lou: so he is meeting higher expectations and standards
4:41 am
to elevate himself to a cosmic level? >> a lot of people will feel obama failed and could not help the two parties come to an agreement. lou: you're having trouble reaching to the interior so let's watch as the associated press and asks the president a perfectly reasonable question. >> you say it is a republican problem not one that you irresponsibility? >> give me an example what i might do. >> did he sound offensive to you? lou: that is your area. >> he is very offensive.
4:42 am
we all have things we are insecure and he was being confronted where are your leading abilities. lou: he is not used to being confronted i can tell you that. >> we are not used to seeing him respond that way. this was president cool. but that is how they wanted him. >> you go to the exteriors image you want me to make the analysis? [laughter] he is on the defense it does not want to take any responsibility for. >> interactive bush have been more powerful to say it
4:43 am
is as the. i will take responsibility senate you should have written the last spee. >> i am available. lou: i do know the desperate need for your help. lou: thank you dr. jeffrey gardere and ed robi ludwig. check t our social media sites. e-mail me at al qaeda report of the borrowing a campaign slogan from a president. there he is on the right. next. three distinguished fellows. where are they up there?
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lou: a florida man is presumed dead after a 30-foot sinkhole opened up beneath his bedroom swallowing him, his bet television and dresser. the man's brother tried to help him after he heard a large clashed one negative crash last night he tried to save his brother but could not find him the brother had to be rescued himself by a sheriff's deputy progress you teams cannot into the house because it is unstable. they could find no signs of life in the whole. sea gulls are common in florida because it lies on bedrock made of limestone that can be eaten away by a severe ground water then voids form beneath the surface and collapse with the weight is too heavy
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hillsborough county is known as seen call out the accounting two-thirds of paul c. cole insurance claims in florida relating one point* $4,000,000,000.2006 through 2010. the most recent time for information. al qaeda is stealing a campaign slogan as they tried to recruit terrace. it includes a phrase yes we can above the phrase "a bullet a day keeps the infidel away. could anybody make this up? besides al qaeda also wanted dead or alive targeting people such as salmon rushdie's and terry jones.
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very westernized for a militant group the president takes the zero responsibility for sequestration and like all the
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lou: joining us now is the "a team". road judith miller and fox news contributor erik erikson with his first appearance.
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glad to have you. i am not a dictator? come on. >> he has to remind everybodd he is the president. lou: or himself? >> in his and chat by mind it was an amazing press conference, the opposite of the no drama obama it is without off protest too much. lou: i believe it is a profound moment and turning point* to say note to obamacare, as a political strategy with the urgent demand, the clock running out, a regular order in congress throughout. thoughts? >> this is a situation he
4:54 am
created that it would be so disturbing nobody would take him up on it but now they are he doesn't want anyone to know he created it. with
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lou: bob woodward talks about the threats of the warehouse and frankly it is getting toasted on this one. and today the president's appearance before an uncharacteristically challenging the press corps a new dynamic has begun is
4:58 am
it because the end henry started over the weekend? >> i think the republicans are digging in their heels and he is not used to that. they usually cave he said we gave you the tax hikes we're here to talk about spending and standing firm and he is getting defensive. that is not an attractive role for the president who talks about he is not divisive in a unifying. it is an entertaining light and the hall in the area of the republican stand for something finally. >> i find it interesting bob woodward got under their skin. lou: that was an idiotic thing to do. >> hehe chose to make it an issue it could be interpreted as a threat is
4:59 am
to different ways it could be will be wrong or here is the offer you can refuse. lou: i think bob woodward has interpreted enough presidents imidian's i trust his interpretation. >> he is an excellent reporter. lou: and peter king says don't go near the of conservative political action committee why is he so worried about people going there? >> there is the presumption republican = conservative but they are not. the conservatives said they want you dry a clear line and peter does himself on the republican blind after calling himself a conservative. there really is a moderate republican


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